Your Child Should Be a Narcissist

NPD is a Necessary “Positive Adaptation” to a Sick Civilization

Prajinta Pesqueda
7 min readMar 20


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Do you want your child to survive in a dog eat dog world of greed and corruption? Be successful and secure in a world where the odds are rigged against them? Come out on top during a time of scarcity and lack?

Forget raising a child with empathy, morals and ethics, and any sense of accountability for their choices. These mentally and morally healthy individuals will suffer as others who lack those qualities push them to the bottom and step on them as they clamour to the top.

If you want a child who will be a contender, a winner, a triumphant adult, then you should raise them to be a narcissist.

Colin Maynard

What skills does a narcissist possess that makes people “winners” in today’s Culture?

  • Ruthlessness- Most people who have climbed the corporate ladder can tell you they have had to make tough decisions, let workers go through sudden layoffs, make decisions that cause collateral damage and ruin a few lives all in the name of profit or progress. These power positions call for a brand of ruthlessness that might keep an ordinary person up at night. Not the narcissist. It’s all a game and winning is the only objective.
  • Compulsion Repetition- A healthy person would let some things go that might cause harm or compromise their values. Not a narcissist. In the spirit of competition and outsmarting their opponent, they compulsively push ahead and keep swinging over and over until the knockout punch lands. They don’t give up or give in; they just keep going until things go their way. That sounds pretty handy in the world we live in.
  • The Blame Game- Ideally, as adult with a strong working conscience, we admit when we are wrong. We are responsible for the consequences of our actions, accountable, culpable. We own them. But just think about how shiny our forward facing image would be if we possess some superhuman infallibility. The cults of followers (enabler/empaths gone wild) who want to follow such perfection…



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