When EMPATH Becomes an Insult

Are They Love Junkies Who Don’t Really Exist?

Prajinta Pesqueda
5 min readSep 10, 2022
Hulki Okan Tabak Unsplash

Do unicorns exist? Do aliens exist? Do empaths exist?

Most people who claim to be highly sensitive or intuitive to the emotions of others and feel what others feel would say, “Absolutely!”

Now scientific studies are being done to demonstrate that empaths actually do exist, however, they provide mostly indirect evidence. This includes research showing the existence of mirror neurons in the brain, which are said to enable us to read and understand each other’s emotions by filtering them through our own (Iacobani, 2008).

Don’t shoot the messenger.

It is not my intention to be the harbinger of bad news, nor do I seek to invalidate those who have already been unseen and summarily erased from the chronicles of history by their impaired narcissist. Double ouch.

I simply hope to convey the idea that the word itself may not be one that you cling to fiercely or defend vehemently. Those of us who have survived this trip to hell with the narcissist know all too well that we must construct a new identity and get up off the ground to find our strength and seize our power.

But there is a weak connotation attached to the word, empath. It signals a figure who will take a beating and…



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